IMP Wall & Ductwork



Diamond Insulation duct systems are built to accommodate any unit large or small. The duct is constructed from 2 or 3 inch insulated metal panels. Panels are stood vertically to provide extra rigidity; this allows the duct work to withstand any type of weather including very high winds.

If the duct work is to be constructed in a known tornado area the stands are anchored to the deck and the stands are secured to the duct. The inside of the duct is smooth stainless steel great for free flowing air and easy cleaning. Inspection/access doors are installed every 20 linear feet. Every drop will have fall protection installed to insure safety during cleaning and inspections.

Extra services provided

  • Extra wind bracing
  • Deck penetration curbs
  • Air boxes
  • Grilles
  • Diffusers
  • CAD drawings provided with quotes







Insulated panel walls are provided in 2,3,4 and 6 inch. Finishes can be white, stainless steel, or galvanized. Also a full range color chart is available if a customer would want any color. Panel walls provide great insulation and are very easy to clean during a wash down. Panels are ordered to length so there is one seamless panel floor to ceiling. The walls are completely sealed with butyl sealant and the best caulking available. Thermal breaks and frost ribbons are added where needed to make sure walls do not condensate. Often our 6 inch system used to construct blast freezers to be used at 0 degrees or less. Panels walls can be used exterior or interior commonly to replace blue styro board covered this Kemlite, or in a new construction area to insure the highest R value and to be maintenance free. Fire walls can also be provided for areas with a lot of machinery. Fire rated panels are constructed with mineral wool insulation providing a 1 hour rating. Fire stops are provided for all penetrations using fire rated 1 hour sealants.




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